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Tom Rainey, MD, FCCM

Director of Consulting

The Intensivist Company

  • Over 20 years experience as an Intensive Care Unit director and educator
  • The Leapfrog Group, physician advisor concerning Critical Care Issues
  • President of the Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • Founder and President of CriticalMed, Inc.
  • Physician leader, Breakthrough Series on Reducing Costs and Improving Care in Adult Intensive Care
  • Chairman, Idealized Design of Intensive Care, VHA/Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Chairman, Coalition for Critical Care Excellence
  • Steering Committee of ATS/ ACCP/ SCCM Critical Care physician manpower project (COMPACCS)

Consulting engagements are personally managed, led, and conducted on-site by Tom Rainey, MD, FCCM, and John Hoyt, MD, FCCP—both pioneers in the practice of Critical Care Medicine. Consultations consist of in-depth and distinct components scaled for each project. Projects begin with an initial analysis of the current ICU, a financial analysis, and an operational analysis of ICU flow/throughput.

Dr. Hoyt and Dr. Rainey have both served as Presidents of the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and together represent over 50 years of clinical Critical Care Medicine practice. They have successfully developed and implemented Intensivist Programs nationwide.

Dr. Rainey has over 30 years experience as an Intensive Care Unit director and educator. His broad range of experience and involvement in Critical Care extends from the ICU bedside to leadership in national organizations and policy determining bodies. He is one of three physician advisors to the Leapfrog Group and has been the Chairman of the IHI Critical Care Improvement Collaboratives since their inception in 1996. In these positions he has had direct experience with hundreds of ICUs of all varieties.

Dr. Hoyt has been a leader in the evolution of critical care medicine at the national level for over 30 years, and has developed Critical Care services at many hospitals across the nation. He also remains active as a “hands on” Intensivist continuing to practice at the bedside.

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